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Joost Overhoff (1955) began writing for a Dutch newspaper during his studies of Chinese Language and Modern Chinese History at the Beijing Languages Institute and the University of Beijing. After his law studies at the University of Amsterdam, he continued […]

It happened only recently. Suddenly, a book title reappeared in my head. Like an archaeological artifact, after a long time coming to the surface, there it was: ‘The walls came tumbling down’.

Details from Paradise La Volpe – The Fox There she was, in a box. I was flabbergasted. We knew her, alright, her family at least. Even though you rarely saw her, you knew she was out there, somewhere. So, her […]

CAPITOL OFFENSE Notes from overseas The storming of the Capitol was ‘nine-elevenish’, in the sense that, even though it happened far away, I couldn’t stop watching. Some thoughts and observations, during and after this event: * Fake news can cause […]

Terug THE GERMANWINGS DISASTER Suicide. Or was it? On March 24, 2015, an Airbus A320 of the company Germanwings crashed into the French Alps. Before long ‘everyone’ seemed to know why: the co-pilot had decided to end his life and […]

Terug REMEMBERING TIANANMEN Twenty-five years have passed since that unforgettable day, the day the demonstrations on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square were crushed. Until then, the square had been known mostly for being incredibly large and unheavenly ugly. After it, ‘Tiananmen’ became […]

We nearly forgot about it.Let’s hope for the best, but the coming Brexit reminds us that the conflict in Northern Ireland has a long braking distance. No one knows that better than Gerry. About a footballer, a super talent, and […]