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Terug THE GERMANWINGS DISASTER Suicide. Or was it? On March 24, 2015, an Airbus A320 of the company Germanwings crashed into the French Alps. Before long ‘everyone’ seemed to know why: the co-pilot had decided to end his life and […]

Terug Translation of the original blog (06-29-2016) 138. Silly So, Brexit it is. Silly, or not?As we know, thanks to Monty Python, England is blessed with a Ministry of Silly Walks. So, one would be inclined to say, now they […]

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Back GERRY We nearly forgot about it. Let’s hope for the best, but the coming Brexit reminds us that the conflict in Northern Ireland has a long braking distance. No one knows that better than Gerry. About a footballer, a […]

Terug MUSICAL WINE How long ago has it been, by now? A quarter of a century at least, since I first heard about the influence of music on plant & beast.I remember reading then that plants thrived best on the […]

Back Note: The following article appeared originally in Dutch, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the end of WW II.It is now translated in connection with the reopening of the restored Rijksmuseum and the subsequent series published on this website: […]

Terug A MESSAGE from… A CAT Okay, this story isn’t exactly ‘News’. It didn’t happen today. But still, as the Italian shores are approached every day by rickety boats, overloaded with would be immigrants, it hasn’t lost anything of its […]

Terug Blog 158. 11/9 So, after 9/11 we’re having 11/9…Okay, ‘it’ happened a day earlier, but it wasn’t until November 9th that we were faced with the unthinkable: Mr.President-Elect Donald Trump Just recently I came upon an old article, stating: […]

Terug THE OATH It was probably because he looked cheerful all the same, because he didn’t seem to suffer from it. That was probably the reason why we dared to ask him how he had gotten his name.It has to […]

Terug THE ‘NEW’ RIJKS A Personal Tour of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Part Two Front Hall The recent restoration of the Rijks returned some of the attention to the building itself. So, it is also with renewed interest that one looks […]