Joost Overhoff / Info

Joost Overhoff (1955) began writing for a Dutch newspaper during his studies of Chinese Language and Modern Chinese History at the Beijing Languages Institute and the University of Beijing. After his law studies at the University of Amsterdam, he continued to write for a number of newspapers and magazines in several European countries. Overhoff published four books.

Publications i.a.:
NRC Handelsblad
Onze Wereld
TransAtlantik (D)
Madame (D)
Elseviers Magazine
Tableau Fine Arts Magazine
Intermediair (B)
De Smaak van Italië / The Taste of Italy / Het Spectrum Publishers
Ontkurk de wijn! / Uncork the wine! / Kosmos Publishers
Italië Magazine
De Morgen (B)
Tages Anzeiger (CH)
Wining & Dining
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (D)
Der Tagesspiegel (D)
Il Menù / Italian-Dutch Culinary Dictionary / Podium Publishers
Irish Independent (IRL)
Het Financieele Dagblad
La Cucina Italiana
Joie de Vivre
Cacciucco / A Mosaic of Italy / Atlas Publishers
Algemeen Dagblad
Merum (CH / I)
Cacciucco in images / Photo Exhibition / WG-Kunst Gallery & Istituto Italiano di Cultura / Amsterdam