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232. Trouble(s) ahead? 25-04-18 Categorie: Diversen Voting for Brexit, while shooting themselves in the foot the Brits didn’t use a sniper’s rifle. By using a shotgun they reduced the chance of missing their target, while hitting other feet in the […]

Back Note: The following article appeared originally in Dutch, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the end of WW II.It is now translated in connection with the reopening of the restored Rijksmuseum and the subsequent series published on this website: […]

193. Switzerland 26-07-17 The Swiss, I know them, oh yes: The Swiss are rich and they listen to cuckoo clocks. Regularly. In fact, I think everything in Switzerland is regular. Everything in order for the mascot of the Swiss capital, […]

Terug Blog 158. 11/9 So, after 9/11 we’re having 11/9…Okay, ‘it’ happened a day earlier, but it wasn’t until November 9th that we were faced with the unthinkable: Mr.President-Elect Donald Trump Just recently I came upon an old article, stating: […]

Fictie is niks. Het leven zelf, daar kan geen bedenksel tegen op.