174. Us

Only recently a bunch of planets has been discovered where life may exist. Exciting! On the other hand it is somewhat disturbing as well. As long as you know no one can see you, like at home, you don’t have to worry about your appearance. But when we have to consider that ’they’ are watching us, everything changes.
Because how, in fact, do we look? Rather strange, actually. We have a protruding point on our head with holes in it, and another two flaps on either side. With holes in them too. Not to speak of the aesthetic flop that is dangling between the legs of half of us.
Okay, it is fair to say: ‘We can’t help it, we’re born that way’, but that doesn’t change much of the impression we’ll make on the extraterrestrials. In any case, that impression isn’t helped by what we came up with ourselves. So, we are fitted out with flat feet that are perfectly designed for walking. And what did we come up with?


Many put a noose around their neck, pointing downwards. Or upwards, after which all their worries end.
Others choose a different kind of strangling device. But the bow tie may be funny, it isn’t handy either. Especially if things get crowded there.


But then, who knows, maybe if they ever come to meet us, those E.T.’s will tell us:

‘We are completely different!
Our bow ties are